Parwaaz aims to create impact through reskilling and upskilling strategies for the 60 million youth of Pakistan. By prioritizing high-growth sectors, Parwaaz will develop a holistic Action Plan that works towards skilling the existing & future workforce towards in-demand jobs in two ways:

  1. Reskilling and upskilling the existing work force to enable them to be Future Ready
  2. Creating training readiness in Future Skills for the work force that is yet to enter labour market

How the initiative will be impactful

  1. Industry leaders in Pakistan across all sectors will collectively develop reskilling and upskilling programs for jobs that are in demand over the next 3 years
  2. Government and industry will commit and pool financial resources and expertise to ensure these programs are available to millions in the workforce
  3. Ensure tangible changes are made in primary and tertiary education so that the future workforce can prepare in all the 21st century skills to be job ready
  4. Devise strategies with the Government Ministers and leadership of leading private sector companies of Pakistan, to reskill and upskill millions currently employed but who could soon become redundant due to rapidly changing job roles
  5. Get the leadership of the private sector companies to commit to invest in their current pool of human capital to keep it relevant for their industries
  6. Develop a National Action Plan that will chalk out implementation of reskilling and upskilling strategies, concrete timelines and agree on a plan to continue collaboration and monitor the implementation of strategies
  7. Increase membership of private sector companies to achieve scale and maximise impact nationally