About PSDF

PSDF is the largest skills development fund in Pakistan, set up by the Government of the Punjab in collaboration with Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). PSDF also manages the skills training funding provided by the World Bank. It funds trainings for over 100,000 youth every year in 250+ demand-driven trades through an ecosystem of 500+ training partners, primarily from the industry and private sector training providers.

PSDF’s purpose is to shape the future and well-being of poor and vulnerable youth by giving them access to skills training of the highest standard so they can find sustainable employment and income-generating opportunities in Pakistan and beyond.

PSDF started its operations in the 4 poorest districts of Punjab. Since 2016, The geographical remit has expanded to the entire 36 districts of Punjab. PSDF has trained almost 425,000+ underprivileged youth across Punjab, which includes 250,000+ male and 175,000+ female graduates.

PSDF has played a leadership role in creating a skills training market with 90% training partners in the private sector. Over 500+ training partners deliver training on behalf of PSDF, out of which over 150+ are businesses across 10 sectors. PSDF has adopted an output-based funding mechanism where it funds contract-to-completion outputs as well as completion-to-income generation outcomes.

PSDF serves as the National Secretariat for the Parwaaz-National Accelerator on Closing the Skills Gap in Pakistan.