The primary goal of Paarwaz will be to increase employability of existing as well as future workers, particularly focusing on jobs in 6 high-growth sectors in Pakistan.

The priorities under this goal include incentivizing lifelong learning, as well as promoting and improving reskilling and upskilling programmes.

Parwaaz will provide a menu of strategies to leading private sector organizations and the government entities especially in the skills development space for reducing the skills gap in Pakistan.

The initiative aims to engage strategic leadership from the Government and leadership from top private sector companies in 6 high-growth and high-potential sectors of the Pakistani economy. The purpose of these engagements is to give exposure and access to real insights and knowledge about the changing nature of work, job creation and redundancies in the years to come, as the impact of the 4th industrial revolution unfolds.

More than 75 million individuals are part of the labour force in Pakistan. The aim of Parwaaz is to examine the workforce challenges being faced, so measures can be taken to modify existing jobs and roles to stay relevant while preparing for new emerging job roles.